Post-con review: Terrificon 2018


“Wow a new con review post finally!” Well..sure! I went to something new, I want to write about it…why not! The unintentional series continues at last!

The weekend before, I stopped by LI Retro on the Sunday and it was a lot busier than the year last! Since I didn’t do a whole lot and didn’t cosplay for it, I decided to forego a review on that one, but it was still a lot of fun and it was great to see some familiar faces and vendors from last time! Scored a few extra finds, such as a hilarious Monkey Island canvas art, sweet artisan shirts (one of which I wore to Terrificon!), and one of the kitschier purchases, a PSOne memory card holder made to fit into a jewel case because why not. The Tabletop Expo being much more highlighted this year was also a very smart move, and it was a lot of fun free-playing board games! One year I want to do the whole weekend though and even try my hand at a tournament or cosplay contest though.

I forgot how to play ‘Ticket to Ride’ and accidentally became an illegal tycoon. Myehh!

But back to Terrificon! Some folks may know of it from previous names, I knew of it as the Connecticut Comic-Con, and this year was my first year attending it! It’s been a couple of years since going to an actual comic convention, so it was a good change of pace compared to my usual ren faires and multigenres-that-become-anime cons. It really reminded me of early NYCC, back when they shared the Javits with other expos at the same weekend and I somehow made costumes with a paper clip and denim lint.

You may see my mom and my bro here too! (Glad his Alterna booth did well!) And of course the amazing cosplays. If you’re in these pics let me know so I can tag properly!

I wasn’t sure how strictly comic/movie/TV/western the con was when it came to cosplay attendance so I only packed Phasma for the weekend, but I do plan to come back in the future and I will definitely bring my Mei┬ásince I saw a few Overwatch stuff. On Friday Nick wanted to be Kylo so I matched him with that, and got a general scope of the con before the Saturday crowd came in. The con also has a smaller room for game tournaments and freeplay, so it was fun kicking back with some old-school Pokemon Stadium! This was my mom’s first con ever actually, and she had a lot of fun seeing everything in person. Normally she’d go by photos we take from our adventures, news coverage, etc. I’m happy she had a lot of fun too!

The busier of the days, Saturday, Nick of course had to do Rocketeer, and in a way I’m kinda glad I didn’t go in costume because a lot of the time I ended up helping him out ^^; I felt like I was his handler lol! I’ll have to see if the local and con press published his pic out there for the convention coverage, so I will update this post if I see it. I’m used to him getting lots of pics and questions though; my mom was like ‘oh Mr. Popular uwu’.

Sunday I felt was just as busy as Saturday, combined with sales everywhere, so we got a lot of gifts for family and friends, etc. Nick was Jason that day, and found a fellow Jason from CtCon so it was fun seeing them interact in their little showdown before chatting! Our overall experience at this con was really good, and considering the venue (Mohegan Sun) I was already planning some tips to dispense here on this post!


  • Chances are you know what Mohegan Sun is. It is a casino = everything is expensive. Despite the con being held at the expo center connected to it, this is not one of those cons where you want to book a room at the venue unless you’re loaded or financially reckless. Save your $$ for finding a cool deal at the vendors or an inexpensive lunch in the casino, and book a hotel offsite. We did Hampton Inn at the town over in Norwich, and while it was a little more than usual Inns we stayed at, it came with free breakfast and it was a quiet area still within driving distance. It also has a free shuttle to the Mohegan Sun and it’s not like finding the bus back to Bikini Bottom yay!
  • On the note of booking off venue, unless you love after-con partying or plan to pub crawl, or don’t mind hotel noise at 4 am (not kidding on that one), beware of booking at the towns south of the Mohegan Sun, like New London or parts of Groton. They are very active areas! My bro wished he knew beforehand but he was also looking to keep costs low because of the dealers’ room tables.
  • It’s free to park at the garages near the expo center but said parking can be tough to find. Persevere! You will find a free spot!
  • Also the signs and roads are kind of weird that encircle the area. Google was very confused when we were first navigating. Some parts are one-ways, require U-turns, or signs just straight up come too late. Pretty sure we made illegal turns by accident ^^;.
  • Otherwise, management with the con itself was great! Very clear signs, easy to navigate. Crowd control could be better around the artist alleys though, much too wide ­čśŽ gotta trick people to look at the tables and interact! Weird since I always see vendor areas with the opposite problem, but regardless, still a fun con and I hope you consider it for your next trip too!

ConnectiCon 2018 wrap-up

I don’t know if I should do a usual review since I’ve done a few already and..well, aside from a few major differences, it’s business as usual, so I am mainly scattering some photos as highlights of the weekend, and also announcing news on a few other cons/faires I will be attending in August and September. I still had a lot of fun at this con though, don’t be mistaken! Just a little tired at the moment to summarize…


View of the Hartford downtown, riverfront, and convention center from our hotel room!
Got to meet many amazing voice actors including Steve Blum here! They were all super nice too!

Btw if you’re any of the cosplayers seen here please let me know so I can add you in the post and a link to your social, blogs, etc. It was fun seeing a few familiar faces too!

Majority of the crew pictured here ^^ and yes that is Nick on the left :3c… don’t tell him it’s up here shhhhh
My poor hatchback stuffed with our loot. Freddie is completely ‘sorry but not sorry’ about it XD.

Either way, I had an amazing weekend as always and I look forward to 2019!

A new event got added on my radar for August aside from LI Retro – Terrificon, formerly CT Comic Con at the Mohegan Sun in eastern CT (which just so happens to be the weekend after LI Retro)! My brother will be exhibiting, and my mom and I are planning to take the opportunity to see him :3. Hoping to recruit some more friends to keep the cost of the rooms low but otherwise seems to be just Nick coming along, and we’re planning to coordinate for the weekend to match!

Because of the double events in August, I am trying to see if I can make Ren Faire a possibility in September instead. I’ve been gathering some new clothes and accessories on sale throughout the year, mainly jewelry. It will be a very busy summer indeed!

What’s New in the Shop? (June 16 edition)

Hello again! It’s just lil old me blowing in with the wind, sharing some exciting (and slightly alarming) news!

As an update from the post before last, a few of my proofs came in for some experimental designs I created earlier in April and have since been available for purchase. If you saw my Instagram, you got to see how well the gauze chiffon gave the Watermelon stripes a lovely texture, and got rid of the other variant since it looked too similar. I also remeasured the spacing for the Dot Grid and realized it’s a whoppin half inch! That is kind of big lol! Great for gift wrap or wallpaper though. I’m saving my swatch for a day I can set aside to make some of my shelving less dark. In the future, I plan to make smaller sizes and an inverted variant though.

Lately, I’ve been entering Spoonflower’s design challenges at last! Minted’s are fun… until I got tired of the rules and brand outlines crampin up my style! Designer fonts only? No Photoshop files?

I knew it from the lukewarm reaction and from my gut feeling that I could do way better work than what I had put out for the challenges I submitted! While I will keep an eye on future Minted challenges, I enjoy Spoonflower’s free-form style a little more, especially since the ones I just entered are very much me! So you will likely see more added to my shop over the next couple of months, especially more original stuff!

Inspired by iconic typography and the Latin default text used over and over as text filler in the design world!

That said, voting is going on right now for Spoonflower’s Bauhaus Movement┬áchallenge! Please look out for the design on the left and place your votes now through Thursday! Unfortunately, there is no direct link will have to keep on scrolling. It seems Likes help upvote as well but I can’t say for sure, since this is the first time entering their challenges.

Aw snap it’s dim sum time!

I also entered this adorable number into the upcoming July challenge, Food Frenzy Coloring Book! It was a lot of fun making cute little doodles based on the best brunch meal ever! I plan to add this into a new collection along with other fun doodles based on things like emojis, travel, and work – aptly named ‘Dumb Doodles’. (Hey, they may not be totally dumb, but they are cute and relatable!)

I think my favorite part of these challenges though, is that all of their entries are still available to purchase like any other design afterwards. In Minted, only the winner’s circle gets to be added to the shop, and the artists finally have the chance to open their own digital storefront there. Spoonflower is very ‘power to the people’ in comparison and I like that! Why should someone work so much over something that may never see the light of day and that others can’t enjoy?

Sorry for turning this into a little soapbox! Wasn’t my intention. I guess just for other designers out there, if they’ve been looking for places to enter and create their work on widely-used platforms, it may hopefully be some food for thought. Both have their advantages of course – I’m sure there are designers who have more of a passion for stationery over fabric or wallpaper, or don’t want the frustration of having a design repeat properly, or don’t want to worry about covering costs to proof swatches if they’re not sure if a design will even sell well. Ultimately it’s up to what you are comfortable with and what makes you happy!

I want to squeeze in a tiny cosplay update while I’m here! If you’re just here for that and scrolled all the way down shamelessly, that’s fine by me!

Unfortunately, my Catherine group will not be able to finish in time for CtCon, so I am putting Katherine on hold for another time. Since I need as much space as possible in my car for additional passengers to Hartford, I decided to only bring 2 costumes for the weekend, since I no longer dress up on Sundays (I only stay there half a day anyway to beat the NYC traffic).

Friday and Saturday AM: Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night)
Saturday PM: Deborah Kim (Friday the 13th: The Game)

The other 2 costumes are basically done, Deb is streetwear anyway and for the most part so is Mitsuru. It’s crazy to think the con is less than a month away now! I can’t wait!

Fast Times at Cosplay Progress


Voting for the Birthday Party Invitation challenge at Minted is live! Please vote for my design if you can ^^! Thank you!!


So last week, a few of my CtCon usual crew decided to chill out with some Switch hilarity and work on our cosplays. I brought my sewing machine and kit, supplies aside of course.


I use a Brother XL 2600i and I love it! Highly recommend and fairly afforable┬átoo. The fabric I am using is the stretch pleather from Yaya Han’s cosplay line at Joann Fabrics. Btw never use pins on pleather like I did! I forgot to bring tape ­čśŽ


My friend Freddie also brought her Pipimi (Pop Team Epic) cosplay to tailor up. She swapped the main shirt out for a more comfortable cotton, and put the uniform cuffs and collar on it instead. It came out awesome!

Adorable and badass! A deadly combination ­čś«

I am happy she succeeded with her progress though, because I failed hard lol! I decided to double-up on the stretch fabric for Mitsuru’s boot covers, but I did it in the dumbest way possible. So the machine had a hard time gripping the fabric, eating up way too much selvage, and in the end I only had one leg in decent form ^^;.


The other puckered too much and some parts never made it in the seam….┬áIt was pretty bad.


Fortunately I used a coupon on the yardage but regardless the boot covers are pretty much useless as a pair now. Eventually I will go back and fix them another time, but for now at the con I will just use my leggings like at the small gaming con from last month. But at least I learned a lot about using stretchy fabrics, let alone pleather on my sewing machine. Normally in the past I’d forgo the material or just sew/glue by hand.

Anyway, the other day was Star Wars Day (May 4)! Normally I don’t do much for it, but this year I decided to bring my Phasma helmet to work since it fell on a Friday and people could use some cheering up. It’s very fitting I’m mentioning this on the 6th however!


*Admiral Akbar voice* It’s a pun!

Too bad there’s not enough occasions where I can just always bring my cosplays around. But I am fortunate to be in an environment where I can if the timing fits. Are any of you guys working on anything new for cosplay?


What’s New in the Shop? (April 28 edition)

On my previous post, I mentioned adding more original designs into my Spoonflower library. I started with a few (on a whim, really) to see how they turned out. So far I am waiting to swatch some of them, but one came out really good if you saw my IG, and is now available for purchase!

From left to right: Pastel Linen Stripes (in Blueberry and Watermelon), Dot Grid, and Pastel Winter (purchase here)

So far I seem to be gravitating towards either nature designs or shapes/geometry. You’ll see on the shop that I made 2 new collections based on those, and organized previous designs into them as well. I’ll be slowly adding more as inspiration strikes! So far I plan to use the dot grid as some fun gift wrap (especially for my future planners), and the pastel linen will become a shawl or wide summery wrap for the poolside!

Btw I am still working on those spring green denim pants! I’ll be helping my CTCon crew with their cosplays tomorrow, so I’ll try to get photos of our projects (and my sewing machine rig for funsies). I’ll be bringing the denim project if I’m able to work on it, otherwise you’ll likely see my pleather thigh-high bootcovers for P3 Dancing’s Mitsuru! #darkhourmorelikedancinghour

From left to right: Kids’ Birthday Party and Corporate Holiday Card design submissions on Minted’s Design Challenges.

Not so much shop-related, but I began entering Minted’s Design Challenges recently (thanks Jess for giving me the info!), My full designer profile is now live,┬áthough unlike something like Spoonflower, Minted’s selected winners’ designs are the only ones that’ll be available to purchase for the public. However, voting is public! So once things start getting tallied up, if you guys can help upvote my designs that would be amazing! The deadlines haven’t come up yet though, so I’ll post again when voting opens up. The prizes sound amazing and there are a variety of opportunities to win something at least, so I hope I can make it to the winners’ circle someday :)!