What’s new in the shop? (May 11 edition)

Now and again I’ll pop in an update regarding any new items that will be introduced to the shop, or if some are going to be phased out and removed. This edition will focus on Perler beads, as they will eventually replace the knitted items there. (Don’t worry, some items will still be available at local artist alleys!)

I admit I underestimated this nifty craft when it first came out several years ago. “Oh haha cute, fusible beads; what can you possibly make with those?” Well…anything, really. One search through Etsy or Pinterest will open up a giant can of possibilities for you, ranging from coasters to containers, to bracelets and keychains. Some even use patterns from cross-stitching or video game sprites (my personal favorites).

If you’ve browsed through my Instagram (or my art Tumblr when I used to have it), you’ve probably noticed a good half of the feed is my works in progress for knitting or crochet. Lately I’m making knit socks (no pics yet, sorry!), but for a while I did Fair Isle and some amigurumi, so picking up Perler beading was a switch that came naturally. I still love to do those two, but in terms of whipping up some quick items for my shop inventory, beading up plastic on a jig was less costly and time-consuming. It’s also super fun!

From left to right, the default masks for Clover, Dragan, and Bonnie from the video game
From left to right, the default masks for Clover, Dragan, and Bonnie from the video game “Payday 2”.

My first set of feature items will be the default clown masks from the PC games Payday: The Heist and Payday 2. I’m currently in the process of finishing the others from the first game, so as soon as everything is finished, they’ll be ready to order! I will also be adding other items such as coasters and magnets based off of different series or from any cool cross-stitch patterns I come across or think up. And as usual, custom requests are always accepted.

Next post will probably feature my knitwork or my cosplay progress, depending on what gets done faster. If you also have a question that can be used for a tutorial please let me know! I may have made one of it already, or can easily get one going. Take care!


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