The final countdown! (featuring some wedding dress with 25 spikes too many)

It’s been a while since I had a cosplay update. Though I guess in the world of blogging it’s like talking about dog years; while my last update here was 2 posts ago, that also happened to be well over 3 weeks ago, and we all know in the land of DIY a lot is done in between. (Assuming your muse falls in alignment with the stars, because even I have days where I just want to watch Food Network with my cat/shop assistant after work.)

I showed the emblem the other day for El’s dress, so here it is in a better view on the dress itself, complete with her adorably spiky hemline.

Dress is a bridal polyester-blend, the skirt here is lined with red knit. The hemline has wire to help the spikes stand out better. Emblem is painted with acrylic mixed with fabric medium, heatset.

Speaking of spikes, here were the cones of doom I mentioned also. I say it endearingly though, because they were really easy to make actually, and look fantastic!

Simply paper cones painted with silver acrylic. The paper used was brown packing paper, slightly thicker than regular printer paper.

Besides all that, her “ears” and veil are just about done, they need to be assembled though. I also prepped the Nerf gun for its repaint, got a bouquet of fake roses from the dollar store, and just put in an order for red bridal gloves since I despise sewing gloves.

Speaking of things I despise, have I mentioned I also dislike paper mache? After my Ultra Sword, last year, I not only realized I’m bad at it, I also just don’t like it ^^;. Like anything involving it. Shaping, layering, painting, the sheer amount of time involved, the way it basically destroys and prunes my hands every time… Yeah.

I attempted doing her buckles in this method, but it just looked weird. After looking at alternate methods, I found papercraft, and since I did the spikes in a similar fashion, it was time to redo these ones as well. Shown below are the first versions (in the trashcan where they belonged the whole time), and also the new papercraft versions. Or one side of the first buckle anyway. Already an improvement!

First version of the buckles done via paper mache. Lol um no.
Second version of the buckles done via papercraft kudos to cardboard. Much better!

I didn’t really find a tutorial for papercraft buckles, I just went with regular crafting ones, so I may even go ahead and just make one using the second set as the example. A lot of folks really like my tutorials it turns out; I even got featured around Tumblr soon after my Bullet gauntlets debuted on deviantArt at the time, and I only found this out 2 weeks ago too! I’m happy other people find them very helpful, though I also would not be able to do them without other tutorials I used to build upon those techniques in the first place. So kudos to those pioneers! They’re the true geniuses.

As ConnectiCon draws closer, I may have a final cosplay progress post before that weekend, but I may not remember. So aside from the tutorial above, there might end up being just a jump to post-con photos. My lineup however is more finalized, for those who are curious or would like to meet up.

Friday: Parasoul (Skullgirls; I will have Krieg as my prop!)
Saturday: Elphelt Valentine (Guilty Gear Xrd: SIGN)
Sunday: Allenby Beardsley (G Gundam)


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