What’s new in the shop? (July 20 edition)

Ironically this just happens to be a month right after the last shop update but that wasn’t intentional. Funny how that works.

The bracelets are strung with hemp and have a sliding adjustable knot. Simple crochet bracelets will also be available.
A few unisex cowrie shell bracelets will also be available.

Technically the bracelets are not in the shop just yet, but they will make their debut at my table at LI-Con2. (Leftovers will be available afterwards) This is mainly because these bracelets are one of the few items in the shop that can’t be accepted as custom orders; most of the beads used are one-of-a-kind or vintage, so once they’re gone that’s it. But I will have lots more available so there will be plenty to choose from.

Another announcement are pre-orders for another perler bead item: cute zodiac coasters! You may have spotted them on Instagram. Since they take a while to make, the coaster sets will not be available at the table but samples will be out for orders to be requested for purchase once the convention wraps up. Afterwards, they will be listed on a made-to-order basis. You’re more than happy to request a set of all 12 zodiac signs, but I can also split to 4 of your choice. If it picks up, I might also do eastern zodiac signs! (The current samples are western.)

Speaking of perler beads, for you Payday heisters out there, yes there is a new DLC character, Sokol, and he does not have his mask as a keychain yet for the shop! I haven’t forgotten, don’t worry! He’ll be up soon but feel free to request him anytime while the listing gets updated. (This also applies to Jacket and any other crossover characters by the way. If demand picks up I might do a separate listing for him and Hotline Miami characters too ^^.)

The next shop update will have these exciting things confirmed, and also a full lineup of what will be available at the table at LI-Con2.


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