New keychain update and LI-Con2 inventory list

LI-Con2 will be here in an exciting (and nail-biting) two weeks! This is my largest venue yet and quite frankly I’m a little scared, but also very enthused to open up shop that Friday morning and welcome my people. (That’s you :3c) I’ve been fortunate to do well at artist alleys and dealers rooms in the past, and this convention will help me decide on how to move forward with the shop’s future. I now have two jobs lately (full-time and part-time), so depending on how it goes in two weeks, I will be able to decide better on what’s working and what’s not. The change may vary from adding/removing inventory post-convention, to even rebranding the store entirely, so we shall see! I love running the circuit here and this area has been amazing, so I really would want to continue this as much as I can without resorting to something drastic like putting the shop on hiatus or closing it down altogether. Thank you everyone for your amazing patience and support!

Onto fun things! Sokol keychains are in the works! Gone will be the days of wondering where else you can find your favorite Russian-hockey-player-turned-heister!

A new heister approaches! Sokol will be up on the shop next week.

If you noticed my Instagram,  Clovers are also being made for the table (and the same will follow with the other Payday characters). I also have a fun surprise to announce as well – I’ve received great feedback since my last update regarding Hotline Miami characters, so now those will be available at LI-Con2 and at my shop soon! I’m still deciding whether they will be at the table for purchase, or if I will also be doing pre-orders like my zodiac coasters.

Aside from the perler bead items, I will also be selling some books and comics on clearance. Topics range from full graphic novels, manga, craft books, etc. Most are in like-new condition but any former library books will be discounted. (These still range between very-good to like-new despite the stickers so don’t worry.) At the table there will also be clearance button pins from a variety of artists, bands, and other pop-culture goodness.

There also will be a section for clearance inventory from the shop (particularly from last year that was left over still). If you were eyeing some things online but wanted to wait for a good sale, now is your chance!

That will be all for now, so until then, see you at LI-Con2!


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