Post-con review: LI-Con2

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone I met at LI-Con the past weekend! I had a blast meeting friends old and new! This review is a little different than my one for ConnectiCon, since I was selling at the Dealer’s Room and did not cosplay, so it’s not really much of a review as it is mainly a learning experience, and also a shop announcement regarding new inventory and moving forward in the future.


I sold at LI-Con last April and it went very well. The con itself was pretty crowded though, as the space was small and as you can imagine, only so many activities could happen without breaking various fire codes. Fortunately, this year was at a much larger venue and there was room to breathe and walk, and the ample amount of programs showed for this too. My setup compared from last to this year also improved; I bought a banner for the shop finally, and made matching price labels to go with the new branding. It was fun meeting fellow fans as well, and making people happy in general!

The feedback I got from this convention was incredibly valuable though, and I hope it’s helpful for other sellers out there looking to get a table at LI-Con in the future. My only criticism is that I was fortunate to get a good deal on my table since I had sold from last year (almost like a grandfather clause). If I had paid for the regular pricing, this review would not only be different, but less polite ^^;. But I understand the hardships that the folks at I-CON have gone through since Sandy, and even the last con from 2012. While I like LI-Con and the hardworking crew behind it all, I feel I could have had more fun as an attendee than as a vendor there, especially with the rocky response of sales this year compared to last. (I also know last year’s numbers were just simply a fluke, a stroke of luck. Any seller will tell you this business is HARD and I got lucky last time!)


That aside, it really depends on your own numbers as far as past sales at other cons, let alone if you’re just looking to network and get your product out there. What I dig about LI-Con/I-CON is that it’s welcoming to independent authors and artists as well, not just vendors or other sellers. You get to meet so many amazing people that you never thought you would see at a convention. If you’re someone who’s looking to attract a million eyes (and a million dollars), this convention is not for you. But if you want to invest in the time to really be involved with your customers and get to know others in your field, it’s worth a shot.

Of course, if you’re an independent author or artist and want to challenge this, I’m not shy to criticism so feel free to comment below. I only speak on behalf as an artist and crafter. Long story short, I did have fun at this con, but I will be returning next year as an attendee and not a vendor, so you will still see me!

Sokol is here! The listing has been updated since keychains will now be discontinued.
Sokol is here! The listing has been updated since keychains will now be discontinued.
Zodiac coasters are now available on a made-to-order basis! They were a hit at the con!

The shop is now updated with the new inventory, please check it out! Most of the items from the con are now available for purchase here, in case you missed it! Some Hotline Miami-themed items will also be up within the next couple of days too.

As far as selling, I am done for the year, but was asked to check out LI Retro Gaming Expo for their possible artist alley in 2016! I’m incredibly excited since this is niche, and I also will be checking out the expo in a few weeks on my own leisure to see how it goes. I’ll be making a quick cosplay to wear for it. It’s a secret though, but I will hint that it involves trees. Lots of trees…

If you’re not going to the expo but would like to see this secret cosplay in person, no worries, I have two possibly cons I’ll be attending in the fall! I will be going to New York Comic-Con, Thursday only, and possibly Another Anime Convention in Manchester, NH. I will have reviews for these cons as they happen!


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