Prepping for NYCC and Halloween!

The schedule for New York Comic-Con became live soon after my previous post, and my panel can be seen here! The group will have photos so I’ll be posting those when they come up also. I’ve been busy prepping photos for tutorials as well, especially the ones for the cardboard buckles I had been meaning to put up here. I decided my final photos were better than I had originally thought, so I’ll be going ahead with the full tutorial as planned over the next couple of days.

As of Halloween and my fall cons this year, Villager is going along very well. The golden axe is just about done!

Next up – a spooky touch!

I also decided to change how I will be making the nose, as my makeup method from the expo made me look like Toucan Sam. I’ll be making a cardboard “prosthetic” glued via spirit gum instead ^^. Maybe this will mean I can someday finally do that Amano Freya (Final Fantasy IX) that I always dreamed of?

The Villager character can be customized in a variety of ways in the game, but that cutesy Raggedy Ann look is a signature style!

Since I felt weird ordering something on Amazon just for $5, I also decided I may as well swap the wig. I will be selling my short pink one for a longer length instead, as next year I plan to finally tackle a longtime favorite that I was scared to do – Luka Megurine (Vocaloid)! As of Villager, I will just tie it up or add a cute hairclip of some kind that would match well in-game. Since I have a longer wig now too, I can do double duty at AAC and do something quick and fun with Luka for the rave. Which basically just means doing a closet cosplay again. I like the theme of my Fall costumes this year!

I know I’ve been behind with a shop update and would have liked to get one going a couple of days ago. Hopefully I can get things rolling next time! Does anyone else have Halloween plans in the works?


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