Post-con review: Another Anime Convention 2015

As my final convention for the year, this one definitely was a nice way to finish off my little convention season. (Which accidentally became a large convention season in my book. Between selling at one, going to another for business, and stopping by a new expo to see what the buzz was about, this number ended up growing to five and I’m a wee bit exhausted just thinking about it! How do these pro cosplayers do it!?)

I’m a sucker for New England’s fall foliage.

Ironically, while this one was for leisure and was a bit up in the air until a few months prior, I was interested in selling here actually. The table fee was reasonable, and considering I have enough inventory left over from LI-Con now, it could be a nice venue to get me out of the red. That aside, I was excited to get some fresh New England air and the event did not disappoint! (Unfortunately, I also didn’t realize I was so close to my brother’s place and we missed an opportunity to meet up :(! I’m sorry, Pete!! Next time I’m in Manchester, we’re totally hanging out!)

The family's all here!
The family’s all here!

After an interesting journey getting out of Long Island and into the mainland, much of Friday was spend getting over to the convention, making myself comfortable, and meeting some faces old and new. I ended up revamping what would have been my outfit for the NY Renaissance Faire this year, now that I have a few new goodies from NYCC that I wanted to show off. Boy am I glad this worked out! People were in absolute awe over little Cormag, my new dragon puppet, and since the weather was dipping low that weekend, I was sure glad I packed a nice pair of pants! I definitely will be wearing the ensemble and teaming up with my little sidekick from now on at other conventions. It was an absolute closet costume too, so I will be keeping this in mind for the future when I just don’t feel like making new costumes for a while.

Friday was a very casual day otherwise, things moved along well into the busier Saturday. I would have loved to have stayed in my Killager for most of the afternoon as well, but my backup wig cap was not cooperating :/. It did survive long enough for the Super Smash Bros./Nintendo photoshoot! When I find a big group photo of us there, I will update it here. It was a lot of fun meeting other Smashers though, and even some surprise Fire Emblem cosplays. I finally got to see an Ephraim in person and I just about died. (He’s one of my favorite Lord characters, though I admit Ike and Hector will always be tied for numero uno.) I also saw a few Animal Crossing folks, and it was fun to see them! My next cosplays that are more canon may be either Lottie or Reese, but of course you can’t have a Reese without a Cyrus so we shall see.


After the shoot and changing into regular clothes, it was once again time to cheer on Superhero-Jetpack Boyfriend at the Masquerade. I’m not sure why AAC does assigned seating…because I basically ended up doing the same thing that I did at CtCon. (Though this time the talent was exponentially better so bravo! This was not your fault!) Not to mention those seats are horrible after 2 hours. No thanks, man, I like my bathroom breaks and walking around. And running pizza delivery, which came in handy since boyfriend won a trophy and it turned into victory pizza! Yay!

With the prize scored for the weekend, we partied it up at the rave. It actually was a pretty fun rave! Granted I will always have fun at a dance if I’m with friends or other people I know, but the DJ was amazing! I came in and he was remixing Chrono Trigger! One of my favorite games of all time! I was so psyched! While the rave itself is smaller than the one at CtCon, the latter felt way more like a regular rave club, and that’s not really my cup of tea. If an anime/geek convention is gonna have a dance, it better be super dorky as heck! And fun. Don’t forget the fun.

On Sunday I journeyed back home eventually, anxious about the readjustment to the real world I had to leave behind over the weekend. (Life events aside :/ the not-fun ones which came to me on Saturday. It’s been a weird week lol.) With winter looming around the corner, it will soon be that time of year again to hunt for a reasonable hotel rate for CtCon. And get my registration pass before it hikes up. I will be busy with things next year so that one will most likely be my only convention I will be attending, and I will also be putting my Etsy on hiatus after the holidays. (Btw, keep an eye out for Black Friday promotion commotions! Halloween’s almost here but it’s never too early to plan!)

Imagine all the people, dressed in spandex or some crazy highlighter wig.
Imagine all the people, dressed in spandex or wearing some crazy highlighter wig. Wait, wrong song.

As a wrap-up, I highly recommend AAC. For those that remember I-CON at SUNY Stonybrook here on Long Island, it’s about the same size as that, but not as spread out. There is plenty of room to walk around though, and enough to bring large props or have large extensions like wings on your costumes. The restaurants inside the hotel are reasonably priced, though breakfast gets expensive, but the rooms do have a free mini-fridge so even if you order yourself a big meal, you can save the leftovers as your next one over! Manchester itself is a nice, small city, and seeing the fall foilage was a treat. For an event that’s largely volunteer-run, it definitely is one of the nicer ones I’ve attended, and has a bit more of a professional presence. I’ve been to smaller events where some people didn’t know what they were doing at all, but when I was here I felt a lot of confidence and good humor from the staff, so good job, guys! Next time I hope to bring some more friends over!


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