Important News Regarding the Shop

It’s that time of year again! The Etsy will be updated for Friday’s start of the holiday sale, and will extend into the end of December. I’ll be doing things a little different this year though, as it will also be a final closeout sale.

[updated 11/25/15] At January 2016, I will be putting the shop on hiatus until further notice. Over the years I’ve noticed the store has sporadic seasons of activity (the holidays being the most popular, seconded by summer graduations). Due to how Etsy runs, it wasn’t cost-effective for me to keep the shop open during the offseasons where very little, or sometimes nothing, was sold. Please understand that the shop will not be closing permanently, but rather will be taking a nap. This will enable me to focus on the shop’s renaming as well when the time comes for it, and for other life activities going on as I’m holding down two jobs and still developing games on the side.

In the mean time, I still will be updating the blog here in terms of tutorials and misc. projects, so that will not change. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, and until the great change, please feel free to see the holiday sales at my Etsy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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