Shop is on hiatus

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a Happy New Year! I thought I had posted this much earlier but it seems it sat in my drafts and I forgot about it. Sorry about that! Things have become busy on my end, and as of January 1 the shop has been put on hiatus. It was a decision I wanted to avoid for a long time, but I felt it was best. It was slowly becoming more difficult due to my schedule with the jobs conflicting, and as a result I couldn’t book artist alleys this year. Upcoming life events for this year and the next have also tied me up.

However, I will still be active here on this blog, and I’ll have lots of exciting news for you within the next couple of weeks! I’ll still be working on tutorials, cosplay, and other artsy craftsy fun, so I am far from dead! Please bear with me for any gaps of inactivity, and I apologize in advance. Thank you for understanding and showing your support! As usual, for any other updates outside of the blog regarding my work, please follow my Instagram @bmdartstuff.

Speaking of the Instagram, it will finally be updated this weekend! Despite the sudden inactivity, I really have been working on personal projects on the side, it’s just that a majority of them are gifts for people I follow and follow me, so I don’t want to spoil anything! I will be able to show new non-surprise stuff soon though, yay!

I started planning for my ConnectiCon lineup this year, and decided to keep things simple. I’ll be bringing what I did for AAC for the most part, and repairing/replacing a few things for Villager to make it a regular non-Halloween version. For the rave later that night, I’ll be doing a different version of my Mismagius (shown above). I found an old dress I used to have in high school that I never wore since it was more evening attire, and remade my jewelry with perler beads. Sounds like an odd choice, but my original was Model Magic, which cracked and/or accidentally dissolved in the wash (good going, me!), and my temporary ones were simply cardboard. I’m happy with using these instead 🙂 they’re easy, durable, and photograph really well! (Not that I’m gonna be photographed at this event anyway.)


It’s hard to see in those photos, but I made my first wire bail to attach the design onto the chain, and I’m addicted! I made a nicer one for my Allenby necklace also; see above (even though I wear it way more often as a regular necklace and not for the standby cosplay). I’m excited to make them for some more jewelry in the future.

Next update I should have some exciting news confirmed regarding cosplay panels and workshops! In the mean time, I still have to put together that cardboard buckle tutorial I had to put on the backburner, since I want to do a new tutorial right after based on modding Nerf toy guns. But one thing at a time! Until then, see you on Instagram!


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