In the future, everything is chrome

My lineup for ConnectiCon changed up once again. Considering that I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice in theaters, and the boyfriend digs Kylo Ren, it was only a matter of time that a couples’ cosplay would be born. Combined with my years of using craft foam and more recently, paper/foamboard craft, I have answered the call…to assemble full armor. (This also will be my first Star Wars costume  ^^. My inner kid is very pleased.)

The cape is done! Pepakura of the helmet shown.

I’m in the process of making Captain Phasma! When I saw her in the film, I adored how shiny she was. Also sidecapes are fun. Eager to use up my leftover supply of craft foam, I scurried for some references and got to work! I never made helmets from foam before though, so I decided to embark on an easier route with pepakura. I printed a pattern I had found online, making adjustments as I saw fit. (puns)

Originally, I even wanted to paper mache this. I have no idea why on hindsight, because I already said I dislike paper mache, and the disaster soon after completing the pepakura cemented it. You see, I decided to be thrifty and made paper clay….except I didn’t squeeze enough water out…So the poor top half of the helmet caved in ><. I had to chop the section off and trash it, and rebuild before going to my alternate method – duct tape and mod podge with gesso!

After repairing the pepakura, the helmet was ready for duct taping!

I definitely am glad I did this! Not only did the duct tape help reinforce the mask, but it was incredibly painless and went by fast! How did I not know of this method years ago? If the process is a success, I would happily make the rest of the armor from pepakura and bypass the foam altogether. (Even though yes, foam is more flexible, but Stormtrooper armor has more of a rigid look and feel to it, so I think that would be okay.) I’ll keep you all posted!

Speaking of cosplay, I’ve been graciously asked to be a guest speaker a few events recently. In February, my library had a one-day Comic-Con event, and I was asked to do a presentation on cosplay and how to create props.(I also was a guest judge on the cosplay contest.) It was a lot of fun talking to the teens and other co-workers who I don’t normally see in the daytime (as that department operates in the evening hours). I hope it becomes a bigger and more awesome event in the future! I would love to run an Iron Cosplay event ^^.

In April, I will also be a panelist in two programs at a pop culture library conference on Long Island, LIPopCon! I help with their publicity in the committee that runs it, and was surprised and excited to be asked to assist with a few panels there ^^. They are also cosplay-themed, so it’ll be fun to speak on behalf as not only a propmaker and fellow convention attendee, but as a library professional on top of that. It also will be fun to meet fellow panelists again from my NYCC event too!

(Btw while I do love libraries and have been working in them as long as I can remember, I’m not a librarian ^^; my day job is actually graphic design. But I also develop indie games and do art for fellow indie developers on the side. End shameless plugging!)

And now for a sneak peek on a long-awaited post coming up! Your patience will be rewarded!

*starts singing Barbra Streisand*

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