Happy Anniversary, BMD!

xena office
“Step into my office!”

I was going to wait until nice photos from my conference arrived, but then I also wanted to share some cosplay WIP’s (though you may have seen from my Instagram already). I also noticed that it is one year ago today that I migrated my art blog from Tumblr to here at WordPress, and it honestly has become one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my art and social media/Internet (seconded by Twitter, thirded by stopping my awful webcomic. Irony, much?).

A lot of artists have a great time on Tumblr, and swear up and down by it……. but I felt very mixed about it. When I started, I loved drawing fanart, and was mostly known running one of the many ask blogs in the BlazBlue series. But two years of drawing catfolk can drive a girl nuts. I craved to expand my art skills and do more original art, but found out the hard way that 1) I was forcing my art style into the wrong direction, which made everything look terrible and then 2) no one liked my new art which 3) made me hate myself and give up drawing for a good year. I forcibly closed the ask blog with no word of goodbye (and for those who recall and were fans, I really do apologize), and within the end of the month, I migrated here at WordPress like a veteran putting in their retirement. A lot of people thought I was crazy, but I honestly had to do it. I needed to refocus and get out of the fountain of crazy that the site-without-the-E had become.

I never even had a thousand followers combined there, and I have a fraction here now than over there, but I feel so free at WordPress. Everyone I’ve talked to here and on my gamedev blog have been incredibly friendly, and even when there are plenty of days I get zero comments or likes, I’m still cool with that. I feel proud to have a WordPress. Maybe it’s a brand name or reputation thing. Either way, I look forward to being here for many years to come, and I thank everyone for their support!

Anyway, let’s get on to the good stuff that you actually came here for – Phasma progress!

Phasma’s helmet getting some gesso!

The prep layers of mod podge are all cured, and next up are the layers of gesso and sanding in-between. Bumps are already starting to smooth out, but since metallic paint loves to hide scuffs and booboos, I’m not worried about if the helmet isn’t 100% smoothed out at the end.

Meanwhile, the blaster is coming along great! The chrome paint I got is amazing, and photographs so well! People who saw it thought I took the movie prop lol! Tonight, I’ll be adding the black accents and reassembling the blaster. Way back, I had mentioned doing a tutorial on gutting Nerf weapons, but the commission I was to do ended up being put on hold, and this blaster was so lightweight already that I felt gutting was not necessary. (Of course, I always keep the orange tip on, tape down the trigger, and leave the foam darts at home when I take it to a con.) So the tutorial will happen in the future, not just in the near.

As of my cardboard buckles tutorial, I’m in the process of putting it together. I’m sticking to the photo format like from my dA days, since posting on Pinterest makes it easy and more visual too. So that might come next, or a post regarding my conference.

Are there any other tutorials you would like to see me do? It can be cosplay-themed, knitting/crochet, sewing, cooking/baking, or any other topic that you’ve seen me cover at some point.



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