Mother’s Day, Phasma’s blaster, and LIPopCon

I’m not feeling very successful on the topic-naming department today, so I took the guesswork out for you. Yay for being lazy thoughtful!

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I whipped up some yummy breakfast for the lovely lady.

A breakfast isn’t complete without a heart-shaped hamsteak and loving support for indie comics!

More celebrations will happen tomorrow since it was a busy day for some on the actual day, so we kept it light instead. I got her the blu-ray/DVD combo set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a replacement pair of gardening gloves in her favorite color (purple). The latter sounds like a complete stereotype, but there’s a legitimate reason for the gift choice – I busted one of our pairs the other day while helping with some yard work. Now we can be pretty AND hard-working~! (And enjoy a kickass movie afterwards.)

Speaking of galaxies far, far away, Captain Phasma’s blaster is completed!

Hit me with your best (hip) shot!

After spraying the chrome paint on the Nerf gun and quoting Spongebob the entire time (I can blame this on the fumes all I want, but I was wearing proper safety gear, so…), I painting accent parts with black acrylic and touched it up with silver Sharpie for crisp edges. Then I sealed it with clear acrylic sealant (the one that they sell next to the Mod Podge) since I had it lying around and also wanted to experiment how the finish would turn out. Not only did it preserve the chrome’s shine, it also slightly weathered it! Perfect!! I plan to use the same technique for the rest of Phasma’s armor, to make it feel more worn-in.

As of the armor itself, I hadn’t been able to make much progress significant enough for photos, but I am surprisingly on schedule despite the fact that CTCon is less than 2 months away. (::girlish squeal::) I’ve been able to salvage pieces from a costume I bought from another cosplayer who was retiring it years ago, so those parts will be reused for the pauldrons, upper arm guards, front chestplate, and kneecaps. I’m also reusing parts meant for my Ultra Sword Kirby costume that were never finished on time, so those will form the backplate and waist guards (is there a word for those? Let’s use that for now). I also have my jumpsuit on the ready, though I’m ashamed to admit it’s not the official one with the ribbing. I’m not making this to enter in the 501st Legion anyway, though I would be mighty flattered if I was ever asked.

I’m the lady in the pink blazer. Look at us, hiding our product placement! jk, we didn’t get endorsed. Thank you Laura for the photo!

(UPDATED 6/2/16 I found a photo of me at LIPopCon 2016! Yay!) It was a lot of fun participating in my first year, though a lot of the day I was running around jumping from panel to panel, assisting with any setup as needed. In the morning I was in a cosplay panel, and a lot of my things from the NYCC panel was covered in it, though in more detail. It was fun talking to other librarians about it ^^. We got some good questions too!

The second panel was on the state of diverse cons and other issues happening in the world of fandom. I admit by this point in the day I was exhausted, and I’m pretty sure I zoned out at one of the questions ><;;; I felt horrible about it but I was told I did well! I got to speak with fellow artists and overall I would do this again for sure! Next week I’ll be meeting with the committee to discuss plans for next year.

Sorry for not having a photo-heavy post today! When more of my armor is done I plan to show off more stuff! Normally I’d plug what my cosplay lineup is for CTCon by now but I keep changing my mind on what to bring for Friday (aka what level of lazy I plan to be). Phasma’s my main for Saturday of course, but I plan to give Parasoul a break since I’m already taking along armor and a blaster in terms of props. This leaves me with either Villager or some sort of Luka Megurine streetwear, besides my Mismagius dress for the dance. I’ll just wait until the week before to announce I guess, lol!


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