Adult Paint Date Night, Cosplay Edition!

Since I was away to see the boyfriend over Memorial Day weekend, we decided that it would be a good opportunity to help repaint his Kylo Ren mask. Jokes about dates at Wal-Mart (where we got our supplies), dinner dates at McDonald’s (obviously we didn’t do that), and adult paint nights ensued. Though I imagine if both persons in a relationship are also cosplayers, almost every other date involves a paint night at some point.

Virgin strawberry daiquiries awaiting our victory!

You might have seen the collage on my Instagram already, but I felt showing larger photos of the details in the post here might be helpful too. Of course, the finished product looks much better in person 🙂 but at least we know it photographs well too.

Angry baby ready for his close-up.

The mask he got was the Disney one, and at the time of purchase we were excited to find out it does fit adults too! (They advertise it under the kids costume section, but a sales associate at the store said it could be for all ages.) The plastic was nice and sturdy, though since getting the rest of the costume in, we felt we could do a better job on the “metal”section of the mask. AKA he had chrome paint envy after seeing my blaster repaint.

So we ventured to the store, got our supplies, and prepped the mask for its new paint job.
Lots of MacGuyvering was involved (YEAH WALMART), though he was sad when all the prep work took more time than the painting itself. Well..that’s a good thing…right?

(You know you’re reading a WordPress blog when the blogger breaks out the hipster backdrops. Except this was completely unintentional :O honest!)

The paint used here is similar to my chrome spray paint, but I don’t think it was enamel-based though (could have been oil, because it advertised as being plastic-safe anyhow), as the sharpies we tried to use for details didn’t work, and my paint worked with the sharpies. Oh well, it’s all a learning experience! Didn’t stop us from getting out the black acrylic as a backup plan!

Time for some battle damage!

The acrylic worked much better here, especially when it came to buffing it in some scrapes and scratches. He was very excited when it was all done! I plan to touch up with some silver paint at the con, but until then, I think it looks just fine, and much better than what we started with. What a difference some paint can do!

As of Phasma, the major pieces of her armor are ready to be painted, so next up are smaller detail armor pieces, like the gloves and bootcovers. Once those are ready I plan to paint everything in one go, so assembly would be quicker. I can’t believe the convention is a month away already! Time flies!


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