Now on Spoonflower!

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I’m excited to announce that B.M.D. Studios is not only thawing from its hiatus, but will also be on the fabric-printing site Spoonflower! The geisha pattern I showed you last time is now available for purchase (see the preview below), and swatches have been ordered for the rest of my designs on the catalog as well.For now, the Etsy is still on Vacation Mode until everything is restocked.


If you’re new to ordering on Spoonflower and prefer Etsy, the same patterns will also be available there. I also will be making handmades using the fabrics, from smaller items like scarves and purses, to larger pieces such as lounge pants and shirts. As always, if there’s a custom item you’d like that isn’t shown at the shop, please let me know! Aside from vintage reconstruction patterns, I also will still be doing my geeky items. You can see a few preview designs below!

Keep checking for designs that are available for sale. Aside from vintage fabrics, I also have made a few cute patterns based on the game ‘Overwatch’.

The blue Mei design in particular will become a cute dress I’ll be making for when I go to AAC again this year. (I wasn’t sure if I was for a while, but after seeing the guest lineup and skipping NYCC for a while, I saw it was within my budget.) I will also be helping with Soldier’s mask, yay pepakura! I hope to have some cool progress photos of those. (…because Mei is basically Captain Cold)


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