What’s New in the Shop? (July 23 edition)

I’ll be honest, it feels good to finally do an official shop update for once. For future reference, these updates will relate to my Etsy and/or Spoonflower. (Obviously my Etsy is still in progress, so for now it will be the latter.)

A majority of my proofs arrived the other day and I was so excited! Most of them came out perfectly and will be used for sample items in my Etsy. Only one or two didn’t print so well and looked muddy, so those designs were scrapped. New designs will come up for sale each week! Or every other week, depending on if my muse cooperates.

(D.Va (Overwatch) in Blue – D.Va (Overwatch) in PinkOrange Tulips – Red Tulips)

D.Va is self-explanatory (it’s her mech’s decals from the game). I made those swatches into a test pouch, and it turned out fantastic! I’m really stoked for when I list them in my Etsy at last. The tulips print is inspired by another vintage item I had in my closet. I eventually plan to purchase a yard of that in the future to remake the blouse I once had of it. The orange variant was for fun though (wouldn’t it be super cute for Halloween? I might even turn them into leggings for a cute witch outfit…)

Not so much shop as it is for the blog, I updated some of the navigation and About pages (both to reflect the Spoonflower shop and also to clean up). I still make perler projects, just not as often as I used to. I also won’t be making new items of it in the shop as I wanted to focus more on the fabric and sewing projects that you see here. With refocusing the niche of the shop I feel better about really fine-tuning my craft, rather than it being a garage sale hodge podge.

Though I’m all for garage sales! In fact, my past inventory will be for sale at a local one in my neighborhood in a few weeks kudos to a friend ^^. Anything not sold will be on final sale at the Etsy when it reopens.


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