More Pinterest fails (and some cute fabric)

Oh, Pinterest. It’s a treasure trove of discovery and creativity, but like everything else on the Internet, you need to take it with a grain of salt too. Usually I’m pretty good with spotting what obviously is not true or does not work when it comes to Pinterest posts and ideas, but this one has to take the cake.

For AAC this year, boyfriend Nick and I want to do another quick couples’ cosplay besides our Star Wars one. (I am taking along Phasma for Friday since I wasn’t able to go to the other con due to a family emergency.) We decided on Overwatch, despite the fact that I lack the systems to play it (my personal rule of thumb for cosplay has been that I need to know/play the characters’ source material before doing the costume, but I will admit there have been a few exceptions in the past). When  we first saw Mei’s design I probably screamed and thought Blizzard was stalking me.

But more on her later!

sol.dierAs of Nick, he’s taken to Soldier:76 (left), though Reaper was honorable mention. I decided for an early birthday gift that I help him with his visor, since I really had fun making Phasma’s helmet and it turned out so well.


So we split the project up, him purchasing the LED visor from a fellow Etsy seller, and I with the mask’s papercraft. This is where the Pinterest fail came in, as there’s a pattern circulating the boards advertising as a “lifesize” “cosplay” pepakura pattern.

So…about that #pepakura….The author of this pattern is an ass. This clearly is not a 1:1 lifesize wearable #Soldier76 #mask unless the cosplayer is a giant lmao! 8 hours down the drain. Might as well finish and trim it down to size tomorrow :(! #papercraftfail #overwatch #cosplaywip

A photo posted by Cindy (@bmdartstuff) on Jul 25, 2016 at 9:03pm PDT

I was basically livid. I can go on about the horrors of that pattern. You had to scramble through pages to find matching pieces, the print was tiny, and then apparently it was blown up to 500% ^^;. I don’t get it.

Fortunately, I came across a different pattern thanks to good old Google searching! I was so elated with the success of this pattern than I actually gave a little tip on the author’s Patreon page, and usually I don’t do that sort of thing. A big shoutout to Silvarruxx! This was the finished result.

I may look like a headcrab got me, but hey – it fits, it was far easier to assemble, and a lot of the times I had no idea paper could even fold that way! I say it in a good way though. This pattern was far superior, and for you Overwatch fans, Silvarruxx has tons of others for your cosplay goodies. I grabbed Mei’s little droid just in case I decide to stick her on my ice pack, and Reaper’s skull mask for another day.

That aside, I’m happy some of my Spoonflower designs are getting favorites! Thank you! It means a lot! I slowly have been adding more to the shop for availability, with a new crop of swatches on the way as well. Some new upcoming patterns are also more vintage oriented, but also Animal Crossing-inspired. You know, like the funky shirts you can buy at Able’s? Well, now you can make them! Reverse customization! Let YOUR sewing machine be your real-life QR reader!! (I was born in the wrong decade. If this were 50 years ago I’d be making bank with all the jingles and slogans I come up with.)

Chill Out! in Blue (click for product info)

Anyway, for now here’s a design based on Mei’s accessories, sprays, and so on. I’m turning my yardage into a cheongsam dress for my more casual costume to match my Soldier. I’m really excited! A grey variant will also be available soon. These would make cozy lounge pants!


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