What’s New in the Shop? (September 2 edition)

My new set of swatches came in and they turned out fantastic! I’m so excited to slowly begin releasing them for sale on Spoonflower! I’ve seen a steady stream of favorites and even (gasp!) sales lately over the past month alone, and it makes me so happy! Thank you everyone ^^ it really means a lot to me. I’m always thrilled even if I get one favorite or like on my designs, so when it came to sales popping up I was over the moon! All of this feedback has been really helpful for me when it comes to reopening my Etsy store and restocking everything.

New designs are out! Chill Out in GreyTotally 80sCrewella

Starting today, more geek prints will be coming out featuring fun designs from (of all things) shirts and dresses in the hit series Animal Crossing. Almost like custom designing but in reverse! Even though I love making new designs for my mayor in New Leaf, some of the ones in the game already are just so cute and quirky! It would be fun to see someone use them for their mayor/villager cosplay, or just to wear around in regular civvies. One of the new designs above, Crewella, is an example of this. My favorite fabric print in the game of all time has to be the Butterfly Dress from Gracie’s collection though, and I’m really excited to debut that inspired design in the next few weeks on Spoonflower.

For Overwatch designs, other popular and fun characters will be added over time, including Tracer, Soldier, and Reaper , among others. The latter two will have a more masculine color scheme. Gotta get the boys in on the fun too! (I might end up making pajama pants from the Soldier design for myself…)

Over the next couple of weeks, you may see some activity on my Etsy store as I restock and put up new listings. Like Spoonflower, you’ll also be able to purchase fabric there as well, and it will print and ship directly to you.


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