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Navigation changes and a new poll!

Just a small update regarding the blog. I cleaned up the menu navigation (yay for following the alphabet!) and added/removed some subjects based on the current flow/demand of the site here nowadays. Now you can find free stuff easier! Have no shame, I always run to the freebies too.

I also set up a poll because I kinda forgot WordPress does that too. (What doesn’t it do?) Since Spoonflower already has a nice handy reference of their fabrics in their recently added online catalog, I felt it was kinda moot to do a video, so I need ideas for my next tutorial. As I’ve gotten a lot better with craft foam lately, I also removed my old tutorial for my Bullet gauntlets.

There’s no real time limit on it, and multiple votes are allowed, just be sure to comment anything specifically so I have an idea of what you’d be curious on seeing. Once I see a landslide winner I will pull the poll until the next time. So go on ahead and vote! 

Also, I will lend a shoutout to a new program I grabbed for my designs, and so far I love it! (Normally I don’t do pitches like this but I’m just really excited!)

Normally for my fabric designs for the shops, I use Illustrator first and then tidy things up in Photoshop. After a while though, I got tired of fighting with antiquated versions of Illustrator and decided I needed something new permanently. (Photoshop seems to be fine for basic stuff even as far as CS2. Wait, you didn’t know CS2 is free from Adobe? If you’re a student, you should especially hop on that train!!)


That is when I found Affinity Designer, a fellow vector imaging program by Serif. Not only is the same program cross-platform to tablet and mobile, you own it forever at a one-time price for the fraction of the cost of Adobe! Right now they are having a $10 off sale on top of that too, wowza! AD works and feels similarly to Illustrator as well, so it a much easier transition for me than GIMP. I’m stoked to make some new designs with it!

Giveaway winner announced!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good Easter and Passover! The bunny had me hopping around different errands yesterday, so I wasn’t able to draw the giveaway winner until the evening.


Congratulations to…. Nick B (@randomenough4u), chosen by random number generator as the giveaway winner!! He has since been notified and claimed his prize :).

Thank you everyone for entering!

Perler bead keychains now available at the shop!

The Payday-themed keychains I was working on the other day are now finished and available at the shop! As usual, customs are also accepted.



I’m also in the process of making cute camera-themed magnets! Besides the pastel lavender here, I also have a cool Instagram-themed one all finished up! More colors and themes will be done as well before being listed.


Also as a quick update, the shop logo and banners will be getting another redesign. This blog and my Instagram aren’t added there yet, and aside from the Tumblr that no longer exists, I also will be getting rid of my deviantArt as well. By my next update I’d like to have these all done (and hopefully a custom theme for this blog to match!).

Also since my tutorials on dA are no longer there now, they will be reposted here over the next couple of weeks in case you miss them :).

In Warden We Trust!

As a longtime “affiliate”/”sponsor”/fan, I feel it’s only right I dedicate a blog post to fellow Painted Heroes (I mean, it’s not like we’re totally related or anything…), and the post-production Kickstarter on Alterna Comics‘ The Chair book-to-movie adaptation.


The final Kickstarter launched today, intending to cover costs for the final touches to the film and beyond. Since its exciting campaigns last year, it’s generated quite the hype and has gathered one heck of a star-studded cast. But if you’ve been able to read the original graphic novel, I don’t need to convince you to pledge allegiance to the chair.

Please check out the Kickstarter and its amazing tiers of oodles of goodies to choose from! Regular shop blog updates will resume within the next couple of days. Thanks and take care!