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Free Cosplay Packing List Printable

UPDATE 12/10/16: After experimenting and using both sizes, I really disliked the original A5 size and redesigned it so it’s easier to use! Download at the link below!

It’s been such a long time since my first printable (the Roost Animal Crossing cup cover), and I was so surprised by how successful it’s been. So far it’s had the most hits out of any page here on the blog and at Pinterest, where people are still repinning it! So for a while I wanted to do another printable again, but had a hard time thinking of what.

But then over the past few weeks I noticed my mini planner from work was running out of pages, and suddenly before I knew it, I was downloading pages to fill in for 2017. Long story short I now have somewhat been bitten by the DIY planner bug, and it may or may not be my friend Maggie’s fault. (Btw she has amazing planner ideas, please see her blog!) Though even before that, I always liked stationery, and especially to-do lists when it comes to packing for trips. I’ve had so many nightmares where I forgot components for my costumes that I can’t imagine how someone would pack for a convention without keeping tabs somewhere!

PDF download links here: letterheadA5

So this is where my next free printable comes in! Somehow there haven’t been printable cosplay packing lists out there, and I was so shocked that I ran to Photoshop to fulfill this need. Whether you cosplay once a year or five times a year, know someone who cosplays and wants to keep track of their stuff for their trips (or maybe you’re that person), or even dress up your own planner or not, here it is! Two common sizes are available (8.5″x11″ letterhead and A5, more common in Asian countries), though with how the lists are set up you can easily slice the letterhead size in half if you want a precise half-page design.

Now go be organized and get geeky!


Free Animal Crossing Coffee Cup Printable – it’s so coo!

(Haha..”coo”…because Brewster…)

So since I’m heading over to the LI Retro Gaming Expo this weekend, I decided to unveil my secret fall cosplay/Halloween costume early. The gigantic hint is made possible by the free printable below! Yes, I am being Villager from Animal Crossing! Or a villager, rather. I would like to do the more canon pink-haired version in Super Smash Bros. but lazies. Not to mention the fun thing about being an Animal Crossing villager is that virtually any outfit you have in your closet can be used, as long as you have a fun colorful wig, crazy socks and shoes, and of course the doll-like face makeup. Instawin! I’m still in the process of getting a blue wig for my actual mayor character in New Leaf, so for now I’m borrowing my Elphelt wig.

For Halloween I’m upgrading this costume into the fan joke Killager (my golden axe is in the process of being painted) but since this expo might be very family-friendly, I’m gonna stick to the E-for-Everyone roots of the series and go with a different but clever prop, which is where the idea for Roost coffee cups was born!

The sleeves fit standard 8 oz cups but the only cups I found were the shorter 10 oz ones. Still works fine as a prop though!

I simply downloaded a free pattern for the printable sleeves, drew out the Roost logo in Illustrator, and had them printed out onto tan-colored paper ^^. I laminated it to protect it from wearing out, and then wrapped it around a spare paper coffee cup. I’m only using this as a prop, so no liquid will be filled inside, but if you have the proper-sized cups and want to throw an Animal Crossing-themed party, these would be a perfect touch! You can print out the sleeves for free here!

So coo!

Another exciting announcement related to my fall cosplay plans – I will be a panelist at a panel at New York Comic Con on Professional Day (Thursday)! The panel is run by a fellow colleague who will help explain cosplay with other fellow cosplayer librarians, and how to incorporate the fun hobby to libraries. I usually run game design classes at my library, but not so much things with cosplay, so I hope to bring knowledge on the hobby. (How else of a better idea than with my Villager? No sewing required!) I’m incredibly excited and will have a review of everything when that’s all finished up. This will be my first panel ever! (For those concerned, I will have my axe, but will bring my coffee cup for the panel. Gotta be professional!)

Also con-related (but not as exciting as being a panelist, let’s face it), I’ve been given the OK to go to Another Anime Convention in Manchester, NH! Not only will you see me rock out unicorn pajamas, but my Villager (both props but mostly the axe) also! I don’t plan to bring elaborate cosplays to this con, as it’s mostly a weekend to relax and get out of New York for a little while, especially after NYCC.

For shop-related stuff, a new heister will be launched today for Payday 2, so I’ll be working on magnets of him aside from Hotline Miami things. Keep an eye out for them!