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What’s new in the shop? (December 8 edition)

The holidays are now in full swing! For those who celebrate, Happy Hanukkah (as of Sunday night)!

Here in the house, the Christmas tree is about to be decorated this weekend, which inspired me to make a few new cute ornaments. I love fair isle and while I can knit it, my patience only extends to me making small items like pouches or purses with the motifs on them. So I figured since perler beads already do a fantastic job featuring cross-stitch patterns, I put the two together into ornament form!


My second #fairisle #perlerbead #ornament! Very happy with how this turned out! #diy #wip

A photo posted by Cindy (@bmdartstuff) on Dec 7, 2015 at 3:20pm PST

Ironically, it seems not many of this type of item are featured on Etsy, which definitely piqued my interest to list them in the shop. For now they will not be listed yet but I will think about it. One thing’s for sure, they were certainly fun to make and I plan to do more with different color themes for our tree, and maybe as gifts!

As far as what actually is listed recently, you Payday heisters may have noticed Jiro is finally added to the magnets listing!

His mask was fun to do!

But just like with Sokol, guess who got announced the next day after I listed Jiro? Bodhi! (Keeping me on my toes, I see!) However, since he’s a promotional DLC character (like John Wick and Jacket), he won’t be readily available from the shop as a separate item but like the others, custom orders are always accepted!

I also would like to point out a few of my knitting/crochet clothing handmades are finally up on the shop as well! These are one-of-a-kind creations only available this holiday season, so once they’re gone they’re gone!

On a final note, you may have seen my Instagram popping up with works in progress for book clutches. Unfortunately, it turned into a DIY fail, and I will have to take the project back to the drawing board. (The zippers kept getting stuck) I’m really bummed, since a lot of the clutches came out adorable! I hope to revisit this by next holiday season, but for the time being they won’t be available on the shop, sorry! I apologize for the inconvenience.

As a reminder, the sale coupon code is still going on! Use coupon code “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” for 30% off your total purchase! And remember that after December 31, the shop will be put on vacation. Feedback can still be received and any orders prior will still be processed, so don’t worry if you put in for something even the day before. Thank you for your patience and support!

Happy holidays!