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Shop is on hiatus

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a Happy New Year! I thought I had posted this much earlier but it seems it sat in my drafts and I forgot about it. Sorry about that! Things have become busy on my end, and as of January 1 the shop has been put on hiatus. It was a decision I wanted to avoid for a long time, but I felt it was best. It was slowly becoming more difficult due to my schedule with the jobs conflicting, and as a result I couldn’t book artist alleys this year. Upcoming life events for this year and the next have also tied me up.

However, I will still be active here on this blog, and I’ll have lots of exciting news for you within the next couple of weeks! I’ll still be working on tutorials, cosplay, and other artsy craftsy fun, so I am far from dead! Please bear with me for any gaps of inactivity, and I apologize in advance. Thank you for understanding and showing your support! As usual, for any other updates outside of the blog regarding my work, please follow my Instagram @bmdartstuff.

Speaking of the Instagram, it will finally be updated this weekend! Despite the sudden inactivity, I really have been working on personal projects on the side, it’s just that a majority of them are gifts for people I follow and follow me, so I don’t want to spoil anything! I will be able to show new non-surprise stuff soon though, yay!

I started planning for my ConnectiCon lineup this year, and decided to keep things simple. I’ll be bringing what I did for AAC for the most part, and repairing/replacing a few things for Villager to make it a regular non-Halloween version. For the rave later that night, I’ll be doing a different version of my Mismagius (shown above). I found an old dress I used to have in high school that I never wore since it was more evening attire, and remade my jewelry with perler beads. Sounds like an odd choice, but my original was Model Magic, which cracked and/or accidentally dissolved in the wash (good going, me!), and my temporary ones were simply cardboard. I’m happy with using these instead 🙂 they’re easy, durable, and photograph really well! (Not that I’m gonna be photographed at this event anyway.)


It’s hard to see in those photos, but I made my first wire bail to attach the design onto the chain, and I’m addicted! I made a nicer one for my Allenby necklace also; see above (even though I wear it way more often as a regular necklace and not for the standby cosplay). I’m excited to make them for some more jewelry in the future.

Next update I should have some exciting news confirmed regarding cosplay panels and workshops! In the mean time, I still have to put together that cardboard buckle tutorial I had to put on the backburner, since I want to do a new tutorial right after based on modding Nerf toy guns. But one thing at a time! Until then, see you on Instagram!

What’s new in the shop? (December 8 edition)

The holidays are now in full swing! For those who celebrate, Happy Hanukkah (as of Sunday night)!

Here in the house, the Christmas tree is about to be decorated this weekend, which inspired me to make a few new cute ornaments. I love fair isle and while I can knit it, my patience only extends to me making small items like pouches or purses with the motifs on them. So I figured since perler beads already do a fantastic job featuring cross-stitch patterns, I put the two together into ornament form!


My second #fairisle #perlerbead #ornament! Very happy with how this turned out! #diy #wip

A photo posted by Cindy (@bmdartstuff) on Dec 7, 2015 at 3:20pm PST

Ironically, it seems not many of this type of item are featured on Etsy, which definitely piqued my interest to list them in the shop. For now they will not be listed yet but I will think about it. One thing’s for sure, they were certainly fun to make and I plan to do more with different color themes for our tree, and maybe as gifts!

As far as what actually is listed recently, you Payday heisters may have noticed Jiro is finally added to the magnets listing!

His mask was fun to do!

But just like with Sokol, guess who got announced the next day after I listed Jiro? Bodhi! (Keeping me on my toes, I see!) However, since he’s a promotional DLC character (like John Wick and Jacket), he won’t be readily available from the shop as a separate item but like the others, custom orders are always accepted!

I also would like to point out a few of my knitting/crochet clothing handmades are finally up on the shop as well! These are one-of-a-kind creations only available this holiday season, so once they’re gone they’re gone!

On a final note, you may have seen my Instagram popping up with works in progress for book clutches. Unfortunately, it turned into a DIY fail, and I will have to take the project back to the drawing board. (The zippers kept getting stuck) I’m really bummed, since a lot of the clutches came out adorable! I hope to revisit this by next holiday season, but for the time being they won’t be available on the shop, sorry! I apologize for the inconvenience.

As a reminder, the sale coupon code is still going on! Use coupon code “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” for 30% off your total purchase! And remember that after December 31, the shop will be put on vacation. Feedback can still be received and any orders prior will still be processed, so don’t worry if you put in for something even the day before. Thank you for your patience and support!

Happy holidays!

Post-con review: LI-Con2

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone I met at LI-Con the past weekend! I had a blast meeting friends old and new! This review is a little different than my one for ConnectiCon, since I was selling at the Dealer’s Room and did not cosplay, so it’s not really much of a review as it is mainly a learning experience, and also a shop announcement regarding new inventory and moving forward in the future.


I sold at LI-Con last April and it went very well. The con itself was pretty crowded though, as the space was small and as you can imagine, only so many activities could happen without breaking various fire codes. Fortunately, this year was at a much larger venue and there was room to breathe and walk, and the ample amount of programs showed for this too. My setup compared from last to this year also improved; I bought a banner for the shop finally, and made matching price labels to go with the new branding. It was fun meeting fellow fans as well, and making people happy in general!

The feedback I got from this convention was incredibly valuable though, and I hope it’s helpful for other sellers out there looking to get a table at LI-Con in the future. My only criticism is that I was fortunate to get a good deal on my table since I had sold from last year (almost like a grandfather clause). If I had paid for the regular pricing, this review would not only be different, but less polite ^^;. But I understand the hardships that the folks at I-CON have gone through since Sandy, and even the last con from 2012. While I like LI-Con and the hardworking crew behind it all, I feel I could have had more fun as an attendee than as a vendor there, especially with the rocky response of sales this year compared to last. (I also know last year’s numbers were just simply a fluke, a stroke of luck. Any seller will tell you this business is HARD and I got lucky last time!)


That aside, it really depends on your own numbers as far as past sales at other cons, let alone if you’re just looking to network and get your product out there. What I dig about LI-Con/I-CON is that it’s welcoming to independent authors and artists as well, not just vendors or other sellers. You get to meet so many amazing people that you never thought you would see at a convention. If you’re someone who’s looking to attract a million eyes (and a million dollars), this convention is not for you. But if you want to invest in the time to really be involved with your customers and get to know others in your field, it’s worth a shot.

Of course, if you’re an independent author or artist and want to challenge this, I’m not shy to criticism so feel free to comment below. I only speak on behalf as an artist and crafter. Long story short, I did have fun at this con, but I will be returning next year as an attendee and not a vendor, so you will still see me!

Sokol is here! The listing has been updated since keychains will now be discontinued.
Sokol is here! The listing has been updated since keychains will now be discontinued.
Zodiac coasters are now available on a made-to-order basis! They were a hit at the con!

The shop is now updated with the new inventory, please check it out! Most of the items from the con are now available for purchase here, in case you missed it! Some Hotline Miami-themed items will also be up within the next couple of days too.

As far as selling, I am done for the year, but was asked to check out LI Retro Gaming Expo for their possible artist alley in 2016! I’m incredibly excited since this is niche, and I also will be checking out the expo in a few weeks on my own leisure to see how it goes. I’ll be making a quick cosplay to wear for it. It’s a secret though, but I will hint that it involves trees. Lots of trees…

If you’re not going to the expo but would like to see this secret cosplay in person, no worries, I have two possibly cons I’ll be attending in the fall! I will be going to New York Comic-Con, Thursday only, and possibly Another Anime Convention in Manchester, NH. I will have reviews for these cons as they happen!

New keychain update and LI-Con2 inventory list

LI-Con2 will be here in an exciting (and nail-biting) two weeks! This is my largest venue yet and quite frankly I’m a little scared, but also very enthused to open up shop that Friday morning and welcome my people. (That’s you :3c) I’ve been fortunate to do well at artist alleys and dealers rooms in the past, and this convention will help me decide on how to move forward with the shop’s future. I now have two jobs lately (full-time and part-time), so depending on how it goes in two weeks, I will be able to decide better on what’s working and what’s not. The change may vary from adding/removing inventory post-convention, to even rebranding the store entirely, so we shall see! I love running the circuit here and this area has been amazing, so I really would want to continue this as much as I can without resorting to something drastic like putting the shop on hiatus or closing it down altogether. Thank you everyone for your amazing patience and support!

Onto fun things! Sokol keychains are in the works! Gone will be the days of wondering where else you can find your favorite Russian-hockey-player-turned-heister!

A new heister approaches! Sokol will be up on the shop next week.

If you noticed my Instagram,  Clovers are also being made for the table (and the same will follow with the other Payday characters). I also have a fun surprise to announce as well – I’ve received great feedback since my last update regarding Hotline Miami characters, so now those will be available at LI-Con2 and at my shop soon! I’m still deciding whether they will be at the table for purchase, or if I will also be doing pre-orders like my zodiac coasters.

Aside from the perler bead items, I will also be selling some books and comics on clearance. Topics range from full graphic novels, manga, craft books, etc. Most are in like-new condition but any former library books will be discounted. (These still range between very-good to like-new despite the stickers so don’t worry.) At the table there will also be clearance button pins from a variety of artists, bands, and other pop-culture goodness.

There also will be a section for clearance inventory from the shop (particularly from last year that was left over still). If you were eyeing some things online but wanted to wait for a good sale, now is your chance!

That will be all for now, so until then, see you at LI-Con2!

What’s new in the shop? (July 20 edition)

Ironically this just happens to be a month right after the last shop update but that wasn’t intentional. Funny how that works.

The bracelets are strung with hemp and have a sliding adjustable knot. Simple crochet bracelets will also be available.
A few unisex cowrie shell bracelets will also be available.

Technically the bracelets are not in the shop just yet, but they will make their debut at my table at LI-Con2. (Leftovers will be available afterwards) This is mainly because these bracelets are one of the few items in the shop that can’t be accepted as custom orders; most of the beads used are one-of-a-kind or vintage, so once they’re gone that’s it. But I will have lots more available so there will be plenty to choose from.

Another announcement are pre-orders for another perler bead item: cute zodiac coasters! You may have spotted them on Instagram. Since they take a while to make, the coaster sets will not be available at the table but samples will be out for orders to be requested for purchase once the convention wraps up. Afterwards, they will be listed on a made-to-order basis. You’re more than happy to request a set of all 12 zodiac signs, but I can also split to 4 of your choice. If it picks up, I might also do eastern zodiac signs! (The current samples are western.)

Speaking of perler beads, for you Payday heisters out there, yes there is a new DLC character, Sokol, and he does not have his mask as a keychain yet for the shop! I haven’t forgotten, don’t worry! He’ll be up soon but feel free to request him anytime while the listing gets updated. (This also applies to Jacket and any other crossover characters by the way. If demand picks up I might do a separate listing for him and Hotline Miami characters too ^^.)

The next shop update will have these exciting things confirmed, and also a full lineup of what will be available at the table at LI-Con2.