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What’s New in the Shop? (June 16 edition)

Hello again! It’s just lil old me blowing in with the wind, sharing some exciting (and slightly alarming) news!

As an update from the post before last, a few of my proofs came in for some experimental designs I created earlier in April and have since been available for purchase. If you saw my Instagram, you got to see how well the gauze chiffon gave the Watermelon stripes a lovely texture, and got rid of the other variant since it looked too similar. I also remeasured the spacing for the Dot Grid and realized it’s a whoppin half inch! That is kind of big lol! Great for gift wrap or wallpaper though. I’m saving my swatch for a day I can set aside to make some of my shelving less dark. In the future, I plan to make smaller sizes and an inverted variant though.

Lately, I’ve been entering Spoonflower’s design challenges at last! Minted’s are fun… until I got tired of the rules and brand outlines crampin up my style! Designer fonts only? No Photoshop files?

I knew it from the lukewarm reaction and from my gut feeling that I could do way better work than what I had put out for the challenges I submitted! While I will keep an eye on future Minted challenges, I enjoy Spoonflower’s free-form style a little more, especially since the ones I just entered are very much me! So you will likely see more added to my shop over the next couple of months, especially more original stuff!

Inspired by iconic typography and the Latin default text used over and over as text filler in the design world!

That said, voting is going on right now for Spoonflower’s Bauhaus Movement challenge! Please look out for the design on the left and place your votes now through Thursday! Unfortunately, there is no direct link so..you will have to keep on scrolling. It seems Likes help upvote as well but I can’t say for sure, since this is the first time entering their challenges.

Aw snap it’s dim sum time!

I also entered this adorable number into the upcoming July challenge, Food Frenzy Coloring Book! It was a lot of fun making cute little doodles based on the best brunch meal ever! I plan to add this into a new collection along with other fun doodles based on things like emojis, travel, and work – aptly named ‘Dumb Doodles’. (Hey, they may not be totally dumb, but they are cute and relatable!)

I think my favorite part of these challenges though, is that all of their entries are still available to purchase like any other design afterwards. In Minted, only the winner’s circle gets to be added to the shop, and the artists finally have the chance to open their own digital storefront there. Spoonflower is very ‘power to the people’ in comparison and I like that! Why should someone work so much over something that may never see the light of day and that others can’t enjoy?

Sorry for turning this into a little soapbox! Wasn’t my intention. I guess just for other designers out there, if they’ve been looking for places to enter and create their work on widely-used platforms, it may hopefully be some food for thought. Both have their advantages of course – I’m sure there are designers who have more of a passion for stationery over fabric or wallpaper, or don’t want the frustration of having a design repeat properly, or don’t want to worry about covering costs to proof swatches if they’re not sure if a design will even sell well. Ultimately it’s up to what you are comfortable with and what makes you happy!

I want to squeeze in a tiny cosplay update while I’m here! If you’re just here for that and scrolled all the way down shamelessly, that’s fine by me!

Unfortunately, my Catherine group will not be able to finish in time for CtCon, so I am putting Katherine on hold for another time. Since I need as much space as possible in my car for additional passengers to Hartford, I decided to only bring 2 costumes for the weekend, since I no longer dress up on Sundays (I only stay there half a day anyway to beat the NYC traffic).

Friday and Saturday AM: Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night)
Saturday PM: Deborah Kim (Friday the 13th: The Game)

The other 2 costumes are basically done, Deb is streetwear anyway and for the most part so is Mitsuru. It’s crazy to think the con is less than a month away now! I can’t wait!


What’s New in the Shop? (January 20 edition)

We made it to 2018, guys! I was torn on what to post next, since there was that poor draft post I had ages ago kept haunting me, and I ended up deleting it on retrospect since the cake’s recipe I modified for it tasted a little off, but it sure looked pretty!

I also still want to do a breakdown of recipe reading and conversions for baking, but I felt making a little infographic might be more readable and Pin-friendly for other social sharing out there. So I am still working on that! But business is first – got some shop and blog news to take care of, as well as cosplay lineup stuff yay!

The recent holiday season was my busiest and most successful one yet! Thank you everyone for your support! I loved reading some of the feedback I received on Etsy and saw that I made some fellow makers out there happy on their gift giving! If you saw on IG, I also came across Mel and her awesome Etsy using the lovely fabrics you see here and Spoonflower for her lovely headbands!

hint: sing the background music of this level really fast

Speaking of, Spoonflower debuted their denim stock a few weeks back, and I’ve since stocked it for the inventory on Etsy as well! Just change your fabric selection when purchasing (pricing will change appropriately). I ordered a yard for myself with the green variant of the vintage floral from my shop, and I can’t wait to see the quality myself when I make a cute tulip/wrap skirt in time for spring!

Recently this past week, I kept getting a lot of e-mail notifications for subscribers with junk mail addresses here, and figured to cull the herd, I have removed the “Follow by e-mail button” on the blog. I wasn’t too upset since most of my followers are here directly on WordPress anyway. (Or if you’re like me, you stalk via RSS teehee!) To dress up the vacated space, I added a cute countdown widget for my next convention, CTCon! I will do my best to update the widget with any big events happening throughout the year (mainly any cons or artist alleys.)

“It’s just a puzzle game.” – people who have never played ‘Catherine’

For CTCon news, I am making 2 new cosplays this year for my lineup (technically 3 but the third one I am literally throwing stuff together aimlessly). I will not be participating in the Masquerade this year because I was pretty miffed at how it was handled last time, and I don’t want a part of it if the same team is still running it. Nick still likes to do it so I will be cheering him on this time.

2018 lineup in no particular order yet:

  • Luka Megurine (street wear; Vocaloid)
  • Katherine (Catherine)
  • Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night)

My friend Freddie is a big Miku fan and has decided to take the plunge ^^ so I will be matching her with a quick Luka getup. Part of my other group who usually do western animation cosplay, are also Catherine fans and were really stoked about the rerelease coming out, so in celebration I will be completing the trio with Katherine (they will be Catherine and Vincent). This also works out, because the Order ending was the one I got when I finally beat the game last Halloween, and I like her more than Catherine anyway ^^. So far I bought a belt that looks really close to her’s as well as her wig, and I am still on the hunt for good pumps and a 3/4 sleeve blouse to sew some pinstripes on.

Also on the Atlus train, dancing games for P3 and 5 were announced a while back, and after finding more reference art of their outfits, most of my wardrobe has Mitsuru’s, which helped me decide to be her again this CTCon. I just got my awesome sequin cardi yesterday and it is super fab! I plan to add the black accents so it appears more like in the reference (I think it’s a bomber jacket but I have no idea really). If time permits, I really want her headphones and shoes to also light up kudos to some EL Wire, but I’ll see. I don’t even know if her shoes do light up, but it’s a Persona dancing game, why wouldn’t it?

Another fabric update and my adventure!

So I guess us Spoonflower folks stirred up quite the feedback, because the other day in my inbox I saw this:

Haldo to you too!

So I guess Poly Crepe is staying after all! Please disregard my other update regarding the Etsy inventory then (still doesn’t apply to the twill change). Hooray!

That aside, I was able to go to CTCon this year and it was a ton of fun! Nowadays I feel like these weekends don’t last long enough anymore :(. All that work prepping and traveling to the destination, just for 3 days out of the whole year! (Though if it was longer than 3 it would just assault my bank account, and that really wouldn’t be fun.)

Besides Nick, a few other friends also cosplayed (some stick to western animation, others like me gravitate to games). I was able to attend the cosplay meetups I wanted to go to this year, and also won a Judges’ Award in the Masquerade for my Reapfield puppet.

I ended up moving his body frame into a more solid build (literally a small beachball and an Easter bucket), which meant his head had a full range of motion while still fitting in a small duffel! All my costumes did better than I expected though, so I may bring back the puppet at some point in the future just to waltz around with. I’m gonna give Phasma a break though, as I really do want to fix my armor next time I be her. Mitsuru will be my new redhead mainstay for a while though!

This year, I also plan to return to the NY Ren Faire, so hopefully I can do a fun little review of that too. Not sure when that will be though, as after the opening weekend is the LI Retro Gaming Expo, in which I will be helping my library conference committee with a free outreach table on the Sunday. (Yes I will be dressing up!) Since I’ll be there a full day this time, I coud write up a review for that too? (I dunno how I suddenly got into the business of writing reviews, but people keep finding those posts so they must like them!)

Post-con review: ConnectiCon 2015

I’ve gone to conventions for a long time now, but I only started going out of state as of two years back. My friends and I first stumbled upon ConnectiCon from other friends in that area, and also the amazing guests they kept on getting every year. Needless to say, after years of local multi-genre cons (some better than others) and New York Comic-Cons that increasingly can’t fit its convention space any longer, we now call this Hartford gem our home away from home. Every year we (try to) patiently tally off the days until our Disneyland arrives, and every time we always feel like the weekend is never enough!


Day or night, the downtown is just gorgeous and so much more relaxed than Manhattan!

My cosplay lineup ended up changing from  my last post (again). My wig for Allenby was pretty much destroyed from the sharpie coloring and I was not satisfied with it. I will go back and order a replacement blue one for the next time, so my Sunday cosplay was replaced with Mismagius (Pokemon), which I wore last CtCon come to think of it. Friday was Parasoul though (ironically worn from my first CtCon), and I met amazing guests for autographs! I was able to meet Phil LaMarr and got a present signed for a special person (I cannot reveal what and who at this time since I have to give it still), he was incredibly nice and was able to talk to everyone despite having a long line. I also met Samm Levine from Freaks and Geeks fame, one of my favorite shows from high school. He was super sweet and I even got a photo with him too! That pic is on a friend’s nice D-SLR camera though so I’m still waiting for it to be uploaded but it will be added here when it arrives.

After my autographs were done for the con, I did some gift shopping for friends and family and met up with the boyfriend ^^ who also happens to be a certain superhero with a jetpack.

Thank you fcwriters.com for the awesome photo! (click for their full gallery)
Thank you fcwriters.com for the awesome photo! (click for their full gallery)

I don’t think I ever got a full photo of my Parasoul cosplay before, and aside from friends’ photos, that would only be one of the two taken of my stuff from this con! (Trust me, if you asked me 4 years ago if a situation like that would bother me, the answer would be a huffy “YES” but these days since I’ve done it so long I don’t really care if I get a photo of me at all these days. I mostly cosplay nowadays to match my friends, have fun and catch up with them, and because I just enjoy creating things in general.)

This year, the convention coincided with the Riverfront Food Truck festival, and it was delicious! I had some divine popcorn chicken that day, and my first ever po’ boy on Saturday. I really hope they keep the festival around the same time for next year. If you are of age and also enjoy a nice bar and lounge, the adjacent Marriott has a very posh one named Crush and they have great service. If you’re looking for Happy Hour specials you’re out of luck though, but it is lovely and convenient. I personally think the music is still too loud there, but I was still able to hold conversations at least.

For Saturday, I got ready for my big day!

Get it? Because Elphelt wears a wedding dress……….yeah

My friends were super sweet to help me into the dress though and place all my belts! Dang you Ishiwatari….you and your belts…I can imagine the jokes now. “Nomura and Ishiwatari walk into a bar…”

Unfortunately, there were some mishaps with El along the week before and during the con. My white outer gloves did not fit me at all so they will have to be remade for next time, and the same also happened to my cute capelet! I had to tie it around me as a little cape so at least I got to wear it and keep the AC off my back if I got too cold. (Which never happened to me this weekend by the way. It’s a convention in July.) Also despite the fact that my belts did hold up at least, the buckles need some post-con repairs so I was able to figure out how to secure them better. This will be better covered in my upcoming tutorial, which you’ve seen sneak peeks of between here and Instagram.

That aside, the spikes held up insanely well, and I also realized the costume packs very easily despite them kudos to it being made of paper. I was all worried and ended up bringing my large rolling luggage to accomodate cushion space, but next time I know I can just bring a smaller carry-on size and not worry. So tailoring issues aside, the cosplay was a success and I would totally wear again!

Did I also mention I saw this awesome Ragna? He was so nice too! He even had the glowing Azure gloves! Makes me miss my fem-Ragna cosplay…

Later that Saturday I attended the Masquerade to cheer Superhero Jetpack Boyfriend on, which in reality was more like the following:

  • Saw a dance battle for a chance to win next year’s badges
  • Saw a cool Disney skit before boyfriend’s also-awesomely-creepy one
  • Felt my butt get numb after 20 minutes so I went to order take-out for us
  • Came back and there was Caramelldansen due to technical difficulties
  • Stuff with awards (congrats on the Disney folks btw!)

It….was interesting. But it was definitely a better experience than I had anticipated. For a long time I was kind of Scaredy Squirrel when it came to stuff like that, but I did end up enjoying it all in a sense. I would do it again!

Sunday was Mismagius, in which I had to say bye to people and made a Pokemon fan happy! Unfortunately no photo offhand of it ^^; this was mostly a shopping day for me. Speaking of, here is some cool stuff I got!

A few of this stuff came in handy immediately since I needed replacements due to laundry day. The peacock scarf will also be worn when I attend the New York Renaissance Faire this year too!
Autographed items from Samm Levine, including my D&D dicebox set!
A friend got me this as a surprise from Sanrio Japan! It arrived the day after the con weekend so it was good timing ^^

So that pretty much was the con in a nutshell. I had a blast and I look forward to next year! If you’ve considered going but are not sure, please give it a shot, I highly recommend. Aside from my artist alleys I pretty much only attend this convention these days. (Money issues aside. I don’t have the funds to go to 5 cons a year lol)

Next update will be for upcoming shop items and LI-Con2 exclusives!