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Instagram Giveaway Coming Soon!

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I won’t reveal too much, but I found a prototype of one of my items that is on my Etsy, and decided that it’s been ages since I did some sort of social media giveaway. I’ll have details sorted out in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out!

And for another bonus shop update, my Reaper fabric swatches came in and look epic! You can now buy the patterns through my Etsy as well as my Spoonflower directly.

Death Blossom in reddark grey


What’s new in the shop? (June 20 edition)

Finally, perler bead magnets are available at the shop, starting with cameras. And not just any camera, but one inspired by the retro Instagram logo.

Other colors and patterns will soon be available, or you can request your own too!

My silver prototype was kind of boring so I will keep it as a pattern reference. The lavender one from the other day ironed very strangely and was basically ruined, so I plan to do that over. I will also have more pastel/neon colors, as well as some fun patterns too. Poke ball, anyone?

Also as a sneak peek, jewelry will be returning to the shop as well! I’m almost done assembling some boho bracelets together; here are the pendants so far.

Pendants with smaller beads will also be made so you can mix and match!
Pendants with smaller beads will also be made so you can mix and match!

I generally am very critical with my jewelry work, so I only have made so many pieces in the past. I’m very pleased with the end result here though, and the final product also looks stunning already. (I didn’t even clean up the ends on those yet!) I always preferred skinner/simpler bracelets myself, since I like stacking different colors and textures together. Besides these ones featuring beads, I plan to do simple crochet bracelets as well, which feature scrap fabric and yarn. These will also be made available to give you folks lots of options!