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What’s New in the Shop? (February 2 edition)

It’s Groundhog Day! Though judging how late it got to be cold here on Long Island, I’m not surprised that six more weeks of winter is predicted. (Not that it all matters anyway, but it’s still fun to follow!) Either way, next weekend I will be traveling to Nola (aka New Orleans) so I hope to get some time in the sun! And also pig out on some authentic Creole eats with good friends and family.

Shop-wise, you might have seen a certain character pop up on my Instagram feed recently. Work has finally winded down a wee bit, and I was able to churn out more prints for Spoonflower! So far Soldier:76 is ready for duty. Tastes like victory!


In My Sights (bluegrey)

The tiles came out a little larger than I expected, but it is a happy accident. I think the sizing works perfectly for its possibilities! Definitely not small enough for my usual zip pouches for smaller accessories and handhelds, but they would look fantastic on lounge pants, pillowcases, and tablet/laptop cases.

Later this month after my trip, this next number will also be available:

I’m super excited to finalize the Reaper fabrics here for purchase! He doesn’t have as many motifs and decals like the other heroes, so I went for a minimalist/graphic look here and it’s to die for! (Haha! Die…Reaper….oh puns) This tiling looks to be similar size to D.Va’s and Mei’s, so smaller projects will still look fine.

Since the ‘Overwatch’ train isn’t slowing down anytime soon, one of my next ideas will definitely be Pachimari, the little onion guy who randomly is in the spawn rooms as a plushie. Eventually, I will tackle all the heroes, though (I myself love to play as Junkrat and Symmetra, among others.)

On the vintage front, I haven’t spotted anything yet to raise from the dead, but I also would like to continue more original designs as well at some point. Until my muse strikes up something in that department, enjoy this little innocent fella.


I’m still not sure who on Blizzard’s creative board thought of this…but I hope they got a nice raise because it’s so CUTE!


It Could Be a Cosplay Update

(It’s a joke from the thing I painted recently. Forgive me, it’s Monday ^^;)

I’m still in the process of making more perler bead cameras for the shop (I keep forgetting to haul my butt to Ace Hardware and get the crazy good magnets, not the dinky craft store ones), so I don’t really have a shop update otherwise. Since my convention is coming up next month, the next couple of posts will vary between any updates on that, and stuff on my cosplays like here.

I mostly cosplay from video game series, though lately the past few years I’ve thrown in the random anime character (usually from series in the 90s) if I have some friends going for a nostalgia theme that year. This time it will be G Gundam, which was my first Gundam series I got into. (Like as of last year. I’m very very late on the Gundam train, I know. Almost done with Stardust Memory at least!)

Anyway, so the following is Allenby Beardsley (Neo Sweden)’s 80s-tastic vest of awesome. I finished assembling it last night, and it is cozy. While I never understood why her gundam is not Swedish-themed, who else would pilot a mech that looks like Sailor Moon?

The vest is hand-dyed denim lined with fleece. Collar and other details are polyester-cotton and the buttons were painted gold.

As of my usual schtick, which is game characters, my main costume this year is newcomer Elphelt Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd. I love Guilty Gear and was so excited when it was finally getting a continuation, now that the mess from Arc System Works and Sega ironed itself out years before. I’m also a massive BlazBlue fan, as some of you might know already (but I put it out there for any new followers here on WordPress). I’ve done three BlazBlue cosplays before in the past though, so it was time to get one from its spiritual predecessor out of the way.

Elphelt’s emblem on the front of her dress. So cute!

That aside, the bodice of her dress is done, and I also have paper cones on the ready to be turned into the many spikes that are on her outfit. It felt like a million of them had to be done, but it turned out only being 25. Close enough.

Despite the amount of work required to make a wedding dress with spikes and matching jacket (and a spraypainted Nerf gun), I’m really excited to finish this up. I also am officially never making a wedding dress again after this too, cosplay or not. I love Elly, but no wonder everyone looked at me like I had a thousand heads when I told them of this project ^^;. Regardless, it’ll be worth it, and I do look forward to finishing and wearing it while acting all cute!

Not shown here since it was finished two years ago, but I will also be bringing back my Parasoul (Skullgirls) cosplay too for Saturday evening, but I won’t have my props with me since it’s just to wear to be casually geeky. (Also that section of the con with the rave and bar has that odd policy of no bags. Oh well, when in Rome. Or Hartford.)